We started publishing Stikky books in 2003 after a web-based trial generated far more interest than we expected

Our first book, Stikky Night Skies, took a year to create.

The series covers topics we believe will be of value and interest to anyone. We created it because we couldn't find a 'how to' book that takes into account recent findings about how people learn. Instead, they often provide too much information and structure it in a way that makes sense to experts but not to beginners. According to our research, most people read less than half of 'how to' books they buy.

The Stikky approach
  • Start with small pieces of knowledge and systematically build them into a comprehensive picture
  • Make the practice environment as similar as possible to the real world
  • Organize the topic around readers' goals such as: Which way is north?
  • Provide plenty of practice—80% of learning is really re-learning so we stage multiple opportunities to test and reinforce your knowledge
  • Make it fun.

How we create a Stikky book
Each book is prepared with the help of domain experts. It goes through multiple rounds of review by Test Readers (if you would like to become a Stikky Test Reader, click here).

We record every time they get stuck, together with hundreds of other suggestions, and make careful changes. Then we go through the whole process again.

Everything about our products is informed by this research: the format, the binding, even the name. And we only publish a book when we know it works.

Our charity pledge
We promise to spend 10% of profits from the series on knowledge-based charity. We believe that knowledge generates independence and so is a liberating form of aid.

Upcoming Stikky books
We have several future titles under development, but we're not revealing what they are yet. If there are topics you would like to see included in the series, suggest them here.